Video Production



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Video Production

So take an iPhone, press record and you’ve got yourself a video, right? Not so fast. Professional video production is so much more than pressing ‘record’. There’s concept creation, strategizing, scriptwriting, casting, planning shot angles, choosing a location and editing video and sound. All of these aspects are important to consider when looking to create a captivating video that will resonate and convey the essence of your brand and message.

Need a little extra kick on Branding? Tell your story through a video. We create sophisticated, fun, and trendy videos for your company. Let us know your vision and we can make it live for you! Our Video Production services include:

  • Corporate Videos
  • Commercial Videos
  • Music Videos
  • Short Clips

The award-winning Adzedia video production team will work with you to determine your goals, set expectations and work with you throughout the production process. Give us a call or fill out the form to get started on your video.


Music Videos

Sapphire Road “Time Stood Still”



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